Business KOL Video Series – Dr. Craig & Farrell

From left: Our in-house interviewer, Louis Lai , Dr. Craig J. Selby and Farrell Tan of Orchan Consulting Asia Sdn Bhd

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are influencers who not only draws attention and create awareness to the products and services but also has influences over others in their purchasing decision. On this week’s Business KOL video series, our in-house interviewer met up with Dr. Craig and Farrell to talk about Orchan Consulting Asia.


If you are looking for a public relation agency for your company, then Orchan Consulting is the right place to go to! Having the past experience working with UNICEF, Puma and even Red Bull, the company can be an extension of your own team to create a better representation.

Orchan does not only cater to public relation but also designs and delivers targeted training sessions for clients and third-party organizers. The founder of the company, Farrell Tan and Craig J Selby believe that a good marketer should be able to work with any types of clients and Orchan has never stick with one particular theme because they strive to make your brand to be remembered.

To know more about Orchan Consulting, go to!

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