TA Investment Declares Distribution for Two Funds

KUALA LUMPUR, 1st August 2018 – As of 31st July 2018, TA Investment Management Berhad (TAIM) recorded a gross income distribution of 1.5 sen per unit for TA Income fund (TIF) and 0.60 sen per unit for TA Asian Dividend Income Fund (TADIF). Despite the unpredictable Malaysian market due to the change of government during the 14th General Election, they believe that they will eventually find its base and to invest more for longer term prospect.

While in the Asian Pacific region, the markets of Australian, Hong Kong, especially in China were the best booming markets. TADIF remains focused of domestic companies, also leaning towards Northern Asia over the ASEAN countries and India on valuation and income grounds. Low levels of corporate debt and low dividend payout ratios should allow dividend growth to outstrip earnings growth over the next few years as the outlook for dividend is even more exciting as strong free cash flow.

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