Business KOL Video Series – Ms Yixin Soo & Dr Tee Chee Hian

From left: Our in-house interviewer, Louis Lai , Ms Yixin Soo and Dr Tee Chee Hian

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are influencers who not only draws attention and create awareness to the products and services but also has influences over others in their purchasing decision. On this week’s Business KOL video series, our in-house interviewer met up with Ms Yixin Soo and Dr Tee Chee Hian to talk about HSC Medical Center.

At HSC Medical Center where they strive to be one of the top quality healthcare providers in the world, they are committed to provide quality healthcare solutions to exactly fit the patient needs.

Being the official partner of SIEMENS in South East Asia, HSC Medical Center has the best technology available to identify early detection of diseases.

HSC Medical Center is committed to utilize the best technology available and have pride in being fast and efficient. They do body scans from head to toe and you will get results within the same day as well. HSC Medical Center also provided other treatments such as aesthetic center where they take care of your physical and outer appearance as well as chiro and physio rehab that takes care your muscles and joint movement.

Following Dr. Tee’s advice, people who are 30 years and above should get a regular check-up or screening to detect the possibility of diseases. If all the risk factors are controlled early, the chances of you will be getting the diseases are less, he added.


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