Business KOL Video Series – Daniel & Khairul

From left: Khairul Asyraf, Daniel Salehuddin, and our in-house interviewer, Louis Lai


Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are influencers who not only draws attention and create awareness to the products and services but also has influences over others in their purchasing decision



At Fine Grit Studio, both Daniel Salehuddin and Khairul Asyraf are eager to build and create custom furniture and products for their clients!


Based in Kajang, the duo started the company as one of the ways to channel their passion of wood working. From doing it as a hobby in daily life, it has now become their main career. Established in October 2014, Fine Grit Studio is on its way to become one of the pioneers of custom woodworking with its fine craftsmanship and conventional designs.


Additionally, Fine Grit Studio also provides workshop in woodworking for one whole day to learn basic machine operation. You can also bring the products that you have crafted to your home.

Khairul believes that with both passion and purpose, you can get things done. “It makes you motivated, and inspired all the time. And it makes you move forward”, he added. Head to Fine Grit Studio if you want any of your dream furniture to become reality!


For more information, check them out at, or follow them on Instagram at @finegritstudio.


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